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In Toronto, pests come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From the tiniest ants invading your backyard to larger wildlife that can approach your home, insects and animals can wreak havoc on your place of residence and endanger your greatest assets.

If you are a homeowner, then you know the value of protecting your home as one of your biggest investments. We will provide the reliable services you can trust to ensure that your home is safe. From ant control to rodent proofing and more, we have the expertise you need and the specialists you can depend on.

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When it comes to hiring someone to protect your home from pests, you do not want to hire just anyone.

We are a quality dedicated business that understands the value and importance of providing superior pest control to protect families and homes. We believe that a large part of what makes our company so trustworthy is our people.

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While solving your pest problem and protecting your family is our first priority, we also strive to take an environmentally safe approach to extermination.

You can count on us to be ready to tackle any pest problem at your business or home. We take pride in our ability to provide prompt, reliable, and efficient results. We know that when you hire one of our experienced exterminators, time is valuable, and we will work to get the job done quickly. And before we finish, we will take the time to carefully inspect your property to ensure that we cover every risk so that you do not experience any future problems.

Ant Control Toronto. What Ants Can Do.

Ant Control Toronto. Ant Habitat. Ants are social insects that live in more or less permanent nests. Colony sizes may vary and are mostly located in soil, wood or among rock.

They can be predators with specific prey. For example termites or scavengers which again can have a specific diet. This diet can be honeydew or sugary excretions of plant-sucking bugs.

Ants are very common intruders in and around buildings. They are often observed around foundations and in walls, roofs, voids, kitchens, lawns and gardens, the wood of decaying trees and rockeries.

Typically, worker ants forage from the nest for food, many by fairly well defined trails. Once a food source has been established. They employ many methods of trail marking (varied depending upon species), from landmarks, to laying down a scent trail.

Ant Control Toronto. What We Can Do?

Effective ants control relies on knowing their foraging and nesting habits. There are non-chemical ant

prevention and control, and chemical control methods. An Ants Control Tornto service includes.

  •     A thorough inspection and survey and analysis of activity patterns.

  •     Direct treatment of nests where possible.

  •     Formation of insecticidal barriers between nests and food sources and/or placement of baits

  •     in appropriate locations.

  •     Providing sanitation and hygiene recommendations and procedures to help customers

  •     (commercial or domestic) prevent future ant infestations.

The state of hygiene and sanitation in and around buildings influences the likelihood of infestation by scavenging ants. Indoors and outdoors, all areas should be kept free of food particles. The effective use of chemicals relies on a thorough inspection and survey prior to application of chemicals. Once the exact or approximate location of the nest is established, ants control procedures are applied.

Ant Control Toronto. What You Can Do With Our Help and Advice.

Ant Prevention Tips.

Effective control of ants lies on knowledge of their foraging and nesting habits, cleaning and

keeping areas free of food scraps will help deter infestations.

  •     Keep cupboards and counter tops free of crumbs and food matter.

  •     Wipe clean and dry jars before storing.

  •     Keep opened food stuffs in sealed containers.

  •     Place open food in the refrigerator.

  •     Dirty crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils should be washed and stored away as soon as

  •     possible after use.

  •     Garbage should be placed in bins with close-sealing lids.

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