Bird Control Toronto, What Birds Can Do.

Birds cause millions of dollars of damage to commercial and residential properties.  But it is not just the pocket where birds do the most damage. It is our health too. This is obviously caused by bird droppings. The bird dropping can be mite infested and carry other health hazards. Also dead birds can be a severe health trap.

Buildings are an ideal sanctuary for Birds. The basic bird survival necessities in water, shelter and food are present in properties. Birds like to habitat in parks, under bridges, warehouses and food storage facilities. Birds can habitat almost anywhere. Some birds are very dirty because they do not properly clean themselves. They can cause food poisoning and spread disease. Bird droppings can destroy property and outdoor art pieces like statues.

Birds and their nests are a haven for many other pests. Nests attract carpet beetle and other insects which invade and cause damage and distress indoors. Sparrows and Pigeons can also carry general species of bacteria. This includes Salmonella, which causes food poisoning.

Pigeons are carriers of Ornithosis. This is commonly caught by people and normally diagnosed as the flu.

Bird droppings make pavements, walkways and staircases dangerous. This can often be the direct cause of broken limbs.  It is especially important to keep external fire escapes free of bird droppings.

What You Can Do With Our Help and Advice.

Post Treatment Recommendations.

  • DO clean bird droppings from around the nesting site to deter birds from returning

  • DO NOT disturb blocking material put in place

  • DO NOT leave feed in open sight of birds. For example old fruit dropped from trees and spillages of food product

  • DO NOT disturb dusting chemical around the nesting site where treatment for bird mite has been carried out

  • DO NOT wash down dust from nesting area where treatment for bird mite has been carried out.

Prevention Tips

If there are any trades persons working in the vicinity of the blocking point, be sure to tell them not to disrupt any treatment.

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