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Fly Control Toronto . For thousands of years flies have been a problem for humans. Flies can transmit disease. Flies can carry organisms such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery and tapeworms. Generally flies have bad and filthy habits. This makes them disease carriers. Flies feed on a wide range of materials. Flies will feed anywhere that food or rubbish is left out.

This why it should be cleaned up or disposed of in the correct manner. Flies do not eat solids. They vomit saliva onto solids to moisten, then suck up what they can. Flies also excrete prior to a meal or just after. This is how the spread germs and disease that we cannot see. Flies are pests. They need to be treated correctly. Use a qualified fly control tech. Flies can be a big problem for a business.

Why Choose Us For Fly Control Services In Toronto?

Our fly control technician will first examine the area and determine why flies are infesting. A fly programme will be executed to eradicate the flies. This can be over a period of time. Fly contact pads can be used. Our fly pest controller will put in place all the necessary fly treatments to solve your fly problem. Our fly controller will use the most effective and safe fly control techniques.

Post Fly Treatment and Control Recommendations.

  • DOvacate the premises for four hours after the treatment

  • DOwipe down all food preparation area prior to commencing any food preparation

  • DOwash any cooking utensils, cutlery or crockery

  • DOwash any other items which were left out during the treatment

  • DOwear gloves whilst carrying out the above and dispose of same when finished

  • DOthoroughly wash hands after cleaning

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