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Need rodent control in toronto ? After a thorough inspection of the property, we secure every place a rodent might use to gain access to the inside of your structure. We will then set traps and inspect them with regularity until no further activity is present.

Rodents or more to the point Rats and Mice have always thrived in all Australian conditions and temperatures. Rats and Mice species were introduced to Australia upon the arrival of European settlers. Given the right climate rats and mouse numbers can boarder on plague proportions. Rats can transmit disease, such as the Bubonic plague, typhus fever and Salmonella.

Some Rodent  facts. Rodents eat about 10 per cent of their body weight daily. The average rodent will consume 30 grams a day. Five rodents can lay around 70,000 droppings and over 27 litres of urine a year. Rodents can easily contaminate food. Rodents can also be very destructive. Fires have started because rodents chew into electrical cables and wiring around commercial and domestic properties.

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Our rat controller will survey the infested area. Removal of all food sources is paramount. Containers may be necessary to completely isolate the rodents from food. Fruit that has fallen from trees should be removed to prevent rat and mice feeding.

Our rodent controller will remove all items that rats and mice could use as shelter and nests. Eliminate access points from the rodents such as tree branches and ropes. The rat controller will then implement a programme to control the mouse and rat problem. This will be carried out safely and humanely. All the rodent pest will be safely removed from the property.

After the rodent treatment it is important to be vigilant. Continue to put in place the techniques that the rodent controller has set up.

Toronto Rodent Removal

The presence of rats and mice can best be noticed through the presence of small, dark dropping in cupboards, counters and floors. Rodents can be removed or exterminated through different methods. Both rats and mice have been known to carry diseases and their presence in a home can cause asthma problems in children and adults alike.

If you are hearing noises in your walls or seeing holes in food bags and boxes in your home with food spilling out then you probably have a rodent problem.

Call us for My pest control and rodent extermination today for help in dealing with your homes rat and mouse extermination. We can do rodent removal for you and leave your house rodent free.

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Your home is your castle and you have to protect it from the elements, intruders and yes pests! Mice and rats as well as most insects carry and transmit diseases.  When you see one bug, mouse or rat, there are surely more! Call us immediately for a free estimate.  Our bug exterminators will take action and put you and your family at ease.

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