Spider Control Toronto

Spiders can cause many problems. Mention the word Spiders to some people and they will not smile. There is a real and genuine phobia regarding spiders.  This is justified. You can have a severe reaction when bitten by a spider.

There have been known deaths in Australia form Spider bites. The venom from a spider has landed many people in hospital. If you see a spider proceed with a fair amount of caution. Spiders are generally predators. They feed on other insects. A smart spider spins their web and lets the prey come to them.  So it is safe to say most spiders are close by their web. To be safe Do not handles spiders.

  • Bite and cause severe pain. Spiders can also kill but deaths are not common in Australia

  • Spiders are venomous. They use venom to paralyse their prey. All spiders are predators

  • A spider can produce silk. They can use the silk for protection

  • Female Spiders are bigger than Males. The female spider has been known to consume her male suitor.

Why Choose Us For Spider Control Services In Toronto?

  • Inspect the infested spider area. Then put in place a spider treatment control programme.

  • Advice. After we inspect your property we advise on the best way to contain the spiders.

  • Remove Food Sources. Spiders feed on prey. Dead or alive. Clean away all webs to prevent the spider from catching prey.

  • Turn of Outdoor Lights. At night turn out all lights. Lights attract insects which attract spiders.

  • Our Vision

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