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Termites digest wood paper and other material containing cellulose. They do much damage in tunneling through the wood work of houses. Inside the homes they invade the wall cavities. This is where they can do a lot of undetected damage. Outside if you have timber buried in earth it would be wise to do a regular termite inspection.

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To administer termite control there are a number of termite barrier options including: physical termite barrier treatments (Home Guard), chemical termite barrier treatments, and monitoring and termite control baiting systems. My Pest Control Toronto provides complete termite inspection, termite treatment and management services including:

  • Termite Pre-Purchase Inspections

  • Termite Pre-Treatments – Part A and B

  • Termite Post Construction Treatments

  • Termite Baiting Systems

  • Termite Barrier Treatments to Candian Standards

  • Termite Monitoring and Ongoing Inspection

  • Onsite consultation and quotation

  • Onsite reporting

  • Termite Control Toronto.

What You Can Do With Our Help and Advice for Termite Control Toronto.

  1. Plan to have your property inspected by a Termite Inspection Specialist (accreditation levels are higher than general pest control).

  2. Construct your new home with.

  • Good under-floor ventilation, which discourages termite activity.

  • A known and approved termite protection plan and preventative maintenance.

  3. Buy your new home with.

  • Special conditions in the Sale and Purchase Agreement that covers termite inspection and obligations for the seller.

  • Employ a known and approved preventative maintenance plan.

  4. Ensure your existing property.

  • Does not have timber stacked against or near buildings

  • Does not have wooden in-ground structures (eg. untreated timber retaining walls) close to the building

  • has been thoroughly inspected for termites

  • is on a regular preventative maintenance plan.

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