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Bee & wasp control Toronto. Some species of bees will die after they have stung. Their singers which are attached to their stomach is partially torn away after they sting. In the world there are over 18,000 types of Bees that live in colonies. Generally there are three Bees. The Queen bee, the worker bee and the drone bee. Both the queen bee and worker bee are females. However, only the queen bee reproduces. All drone bees are male.

Bee Control Toronto. What We Can Do.

Firstly, our bee controllers need to confirm that we are dealing with bees and not another type of insect that stings. This is important so the insect problem can be dealt with safely. Disturbing a wasp nest can be very dangerous. Be very cautious when trying to determine if it is a bee problem you have.

What You Can Do With Our Help and Advice.

In this case call one of our professional bee controllers for removal. If you are allergic to bees a single bee sting could be a deadly result. Attempting to remove bees without any training or experience is not worth the risk. Bees need to be removed from chimneys immediately. Do not start a fire in an effort to remove the bees.

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